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Our History

Los Negociadores - The Negotiators inc,
was founded in 2005 and eventually incorporated in 2007, initially a company dedicated to helping neglected car buyers it quickly became a convenient multi-service firm offering a wide range of services. In the year 2005 after the Real Estate bubble bursted our founder had a dream, one in which he was a consultant to different consumers in which instead of selling and financing cars for maximum profit he was actually getting hired to SAVE people money! when he woke up he wrote down the name of his company "Los Negociadores" (The Negotiators). With little money and laptop computer he started researching the market to find out if anybody out there offered such a service, and to his surprise he was about to become the first Car Negotiator dedicated specifically to helping the hispanic community. Los Negociadores started doing business as The First Car Negotiation Service for the hispanic community in 2005, at first it was a difficult task since he did not have any credibility plus nobody had ever heard of a service like this, it was almost impossible to convince people that they could actually hire someone to save them money, and who could blame them, after all this was the same people who had been talked into bad car deals for many years, he did not expect nobody to believe him. Even when all the odds were against him he went through with his unique concept, describing his idea to everyone he met, and unfortunately finding that everyone he talked to was skeptical about such idea. Discouraged from the feedback he had been receiving he decided to build a web site that described the service he was offering, he figured if that did not get any attention nothing would, in the following months he would design a very simple web site that described his concept, this would prove to be the turning point on his journey. During a family reunion our founder was once again telling people of his new concept when a young man of Mexican descent who barely knew him asked to see the web site, when he read the concept he loved it! Finally someone believed this concept could work! the reason: He himself had been a victim of BAD deal at a car dealership and wished he had someone like "Los Negociadores" to help him then. With this, an alliance was formed and they became business partners who formed the corporation now known as "Los Negociadores - The Negotiators Inc". The rest is history, in 2007 they opened a small office in the city of Gardena, CA after a series of lucky coincidences that led to the inauguration of our corporate office located at 1900 Marine Ave. The consulting service quickly became a popular and the referrals started pouring in, The service had to be offered to the masses and they added "The Car Negotiators to the mix to help the english speaking public which was now equaling our non-english speaking ones. They hired a small staff to keep up with the traffic and were able to stay in business during one of the worst economic times of the last decade. In 2008 the partners opened the Insurance Brokerage and started offering Auto, Home, Commercial and different types of insurance solutions to their already strong client base, later in 2009 the firm started preparing income tax returns to compliment the list of services. Today the company enjoys an independent approach to business and has managed to stay debt free since its opening in 2005. Phase II is in its final stages and more branches will start opening in 2011 to fulfill the constant request from customers in need of our type of services.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer exceptional service to all of our customers.

Help Negotiate Car Deals protecting our customers,

Offer Insurance Solutions and

Income Tax Preparation Services at affordable prices.

Always keeping in mind that our customers are consumers who have rights and deserve the best price possible with the best service possible.

All of this while being part and helping the communities in which we operate.

Questions or Comments

Our Customers questions or concerns are always addressed in an individual basis so feel free to call us at 310-329-9992 or write us at help@lnis.net with any questions or concerns.


Our organization is always looking for individuals with the desire to succeed and work for a company with a core concept in which the ultimate goal is to help the community through affordable solutions. If you are this type of individual we want to talk to you. There is openings in every department and we are always looking for branch managers who can continue our community work. Please fax your resume to 310-329-9876 or e-mail it to help@lnis.net and include a cover letter describing why Los Negociadores -The Negotiators Inc. needs to hire you.


There are a few spots opened for advertisers on our web site, these spaces are available on a quarterly basis and will only be sold to companies with services that help the community. For questions please contact our marketing department at 310-329-9992 ext. 1023.
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