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Renters insurance
Protect your apartment or rental house — and your possessions — with renters insurance. Renters insurance covers damages to your possessions when you rent rather than own your home. If you already know what kind of renters insurance policy you need, get a renters insurance quote today!

What is Renters Insurance?

If you rent your home, having insurance protection for yourself and your possessions is still important. Similar to home insurance, renters insurance protects you in situations that everyone can face: fire, theft, water damage and other unforeseen circumstances your landlord’s policy doesn't cover. Renters insurance typically provides coverage, up to the limits you select, for specified items and situations, including: Personal property (furniture, electronics, computer equipment, clothing, etc.) Personal liability if someone is hurt, whether in your home or away from it Damage to your apartment or home caused by a covered loss Imagine going to dinner or a special family get-together, and when you return home, you're greeted by the flashing lights of police cars and fire trucks. Building fires and damage can happen anytime, anywhere, but with proper renters insurance, your personal property inside your apartment will generally be covered if it’s affected by any of the following: Fire Smoke damage Theft Collapse of the building due to weather Water leakage or overflow Freezing of plumbing, air conditioning and more Renters insurance will protect you from incidents that occur while you're at home, too, such as a toaster catching on fire or a friend slipping and falling while visiting you. Renters insurance provides coverage for your own items, and it provides coverage for other people's injuries or damages in situations for which you're liable, as well. You can't rely on your landlord's insurance to cover your valuables — landlord insurance only covers the building structure and not your personal property. Renters insurance, sometimes referred to as an HO4 policy, can provide the financial protection you need in case your possessions are destroyed or stolen, as well as liability protection if someone is hurt in your dwelling. Before you shop for renters insurance, take an inventory of what you own to decide what level of coverage makes you comfortable. Then, get a renters insurance quote and choose the policy that's right for you. Call 310-329-9992 for Free Quote

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Condominium Insurance
Protect your condo — and your possessions. Condo insurance is designed specifically for condos, and it covers what you keep inside of yours.

What is condo insurance?

When you own a condominium, you — not your condo association — are responsible for what's inside your condo. That's why having a personal condo insurance policy is important.

Condo associations have master policies that cover the property, common areas and physical structure of your building. However, these master policies do not cover your personal property or your legal responsibility to others, and they may not cover improvements or customizations to your unit.

That's where condo insurance comes in.

As you get condo insurance quotes while shopping for a condo insurance policy, you'll typically select from available coverages, such as:

  • Personal property
  • Replacement value of your primary dwelling and specified permanent attachments, up to a specific value
  • Bodily injury if someone is hurt on your property
  • Liability for property damage
  • Damage protection from dangers, such as fire, plumbing freezes, vandalism, glass breakage, etc.

A basic condo insurance policy will cover damages to most of your personal belongings, as well as walls, floors, ceiling coverings, etc. Most condominium by-laws or trust agreements state that the condo owner owns or is responsible for everything within the unit, including permanently attached fixtures and improvements.

With condo insurance, sometimes called an HO6 policy, damage to improvements, additions and alterations of your unit are covered. Your condo insurance policy also covers your belongings and the structural parts of the building that you own. Call 310-329-9992 for Free Quote

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Umbrella Insurance

Our Personal Umbrella insurance offers additional insurance protection above your current auto and homeowners policies that secures the lifestyle you've worked hard for.

Your assets, your college fund, your nest egg, your retirement savings — they could be at risk from legal liability claims without the right level of coverage.

With Personal Umbrella coverage you can choose up to $5 million in added liability protection.

How Personal Umbrella Coverage Protects You

Consider this scenario: You're sued for $1 million after an auto accident or an incident on your home or property. But your insurance only covers up to $500,000 in damages. Who's responsible for the other $500,000 if you're ordered to pay it? You are — unless you have Personal Umbrella insurance.

Our Personal Umbrella insurance covers you and your family by paying claims that exceed the liability limits of your existing auto or homeowners policy. With Personal Umbrella coverage, your home is safe. Your lifestyle is safe. You're safe.

Who Needs Personal Umbrella Coverage?

Personal Umbrella insurance isn't just for the wealthy. It's for everyone. That's why we offer comprehensive and affordable protection.

If you drive a motor vehicle or you own a home or condominium, you're vulnerable to legal action and large judgments. If you have an ATV, RV, boat, or motorcycle, your need for extra protection is even more important. Call 310-329-9992 for Free Quote

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Identity Theft insurance
Consider the facts: Every 3 seconds, another person becomes a victim of identity theft. Last year there were nearly 10 million identity theft victims, at a cost of more than $48 billion. But now, if you have a good faith suspicion that you are, or are about to become a victim of identity theft, you can help protect yourself and your family with ID Lock. ID Lock, the leader in proactive identity theft protection, works to help stop identity theft before it happens — even if your information falls into the wrong hands. As a ID Lock member, if you become a victim of identity theft because of a failure in ID Lock's service, they'll help fix it at their expense, up to $1 million. Plus, when you enroll from lnis.net, you get an instant 10 percent discount on ID Lock's service. Why choose proactive identity theft protection? ID Lock patrols more than 10,000 criminal Web sites for the illegal selling of your information, requests free fraud alerts every 90 days to help put you in greater control of who has access to your credit, and more. Also, when you enroll in ID Lock's identity theft protection service, you're immediately covered by their $1 Million Total Service Guarantee. Call 310-329-9992 for Free Quote

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Life Insurance

What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance differs from whole life insurance because you purchase coverage for a specific period of time rather than an indefinite one. Generally, you can buy term life insurance for periods of five years or more, and your policy is active until that period passes.

Why buy life insurance?

Life insurance is something to consider, regardless of your age. Rather than thinking it's morbid, look at life insurance as a smart way to plan for others so they're not left floundering. If you're single, married, a parent, or a grandparent, you can find the right life insurance policy to suit your needs. With term life insurance, you can match the length of your policy to your specific needs — something many people may not consider. For instance, if your mortgage will be paid off in 15 years, you want to make sure your life insurance policy adequately covers that period. However, after it's paid off, you can adjust your life insurance policy to match your needs at that time. How much life insurance do you need? An ideal time to buy life insurance is when you're healthy because you'll pay less. As the years pass, keep in mind that rates change, so even if you already have life insurance, you can get the same — or more — coverage for less money. Other factors to consider when you're deciding on life insurance include: medical expenses your children's age whether you're the sole income earner funeral expenses Planning for life insurance doesn't have to be an unpleasant experience. In fact, it can be quite comforting to know that you've considered all aspects of your life and are ensuring your loved ones are in good hands. Call 310-329-9992 for Free Quote

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Mobile Home Insurance
A great mobile home insurance policy blends reliable protection, outstanding service, and affordable rates—and that’s exactly what you can get with LNIS. Get your free mobile home insurance quote today and build a policy that’s right for you, with help from our mobile home insurance experts.

What is mobile home insurance?

Mobile home insurance, or manufactured home insurance, not only covers your mobile home; it can also cover: Detached structures on your property, such as a shed or garage; Your personal belongings; Living expenses if your home is severely damaged by a covered loss; And injuries that might occur on your property—up to the limits you choose on your mobile home insurance policy. Mobile homes, manufactured homes, and modular homes are all eligible for coverage under a mobile home insurance policy. And if your mobile home isn’t your primary residence, you can build a non-owner-occupied, seasonal, or rental mobile home insurance policy to cover it. Coverage options When you build your mobile home insurance policy, you’ll choose what you want to cover (e.g., your home, detached structures, and personal belongings), as well as the amount of coverage you need. Comprehensive coverage, included with every policy, offers protection against physical damage to your home caused by any peril, as long as it isn’t specifically excluded in your policy. Covered perils include: Fire; Wind- or hailstorm; Smoke; Damage to trees, shrubs, and lawns; Falling objects; Lightning; Theft; Vandalism; Explosion; Landslide; And more. Broad form coverage—which covers physical damage to your home if it’s caused by specific perils—is also available. Payment options Your mobile home insurance or manufactured home insurance policy can be comfortable for you financially. We’ll help you design a manufactured home insurance policy that fits your needs as well as your budget. Then, choose a payment plan that’s right for you. To start building a mobile home insurance policy—and see our affordable mobile home insurance and manufactured home insurance rates—get a mobile home insurance quote today. Call 310-329-9992 for Free Quote

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Classic Auto Insurance
Got a "hunk-a burnin' love" that still purrs when you start it up? Every collectible vehicle needs special protection, so insure your sunday drives with LNIS. The LNIS Classic Collectors'® Program is a specialty auto insurance program for antique and other types of classic cars kept as collectibles.

Vehicle Usage

Annual Mileage Plans - 1000, 3000 or 5000.
Vehicles are not to be used for:
Work/school commutes
Regular personal use Business/commercial use
Track, racing or timed events of any kind whether competitive or not
A substitute for a regular, personal use vehicle
Backup transportation
Vehicles must be stored in a fully enclosed, locked garage when not in use.

Driver Requirements

All licensed drivers in the household may not have more than 1 moving violation or at-fault accident in the past 3 years. A maximum of 2 per household.
An operator with a major violation is ineligible for the program.
Licensed drivers must have at least 10 years driving experience in order to be eligible for coverage. Any member without 10 years driving experience must be excluded from the policy (supplemental form required to be signed by insured and excluded driver (s)).
Each licensed driver in the household must have a regular use vehicle, which is insured with limits equal to or higher than the limits being applied for on the collectible vehicle. At least one regular use vehicle must be less than 15 years old.
All licensed members of the household and any other drivers of the vehicle must be listed on the application.

Vehicle Valuation

Contact the company prior to quoting vehicles in excess of $100,000 or $300,000 per collection.
The value of any one covered auto may not be less than $3,000 for non-modified vehicles and $10,000 for modified vehicles.
We reserve the right to adjust vehicle values based on established pricing guidelines such as Old Cars Price Guide, NADA or CPI.
We generally do not require appraisals, but may ask for one if the vehicle value exceeds $50,000.

Definition of Eligible Vehicles Note: Vehicle type definitions may vary by state.


Vehicles that are 25 years or older and do not deviate substantially from factory available equipment or accessories for the model year are considered Antique Vehicles. Included in this category are Muscle Cars which are typically high performance, two-door vehicles powered by large V-8 engines and manufactured in the 1960's and 1970's.

Modern Classics

Automobiles that are 15 to 24 years old and do not deviate substantially from factory available equipment or accessories for the model year are considered Classic or Modern Classic Vehicles. Vehicles eligible in class will typically have two doors. Four-door cars may be eligible with underwriter approval.


Exotic Vehicles are less than 15 years old, rare or limited in production, have two seats, may be modified, and are considered to be appreciating in value. Eligible vehicles in this class are treated as collectibles and are primarily used for occasional pleasure driving or functions of public interest such as exhibitions, club activities, and parades. Agreed value is not available for exotics.

Street Rods & Modifieds

Street Rods and other Modified Vehicles are vehicles that are 20 years or older and have been moderately to heavily altered either mechanically and/or cosmetically from their original power and structural configurations while still maintaining their original identity. Lower rider cars and trucks may be eligible for this program with underwriter approval.

Special Interest

Special Interest Vehicles are trucks, jeep type vehicles, fire engines, military vehicles, farm equipment and motorcycles over 25 years old and in show-quality condition. For truck and jeep types, photos of the bed area are mandatory and the vehicle must not reflect any potential of towing, hauling, off-road, or utility use. These vehicle types require underwriter approval.

Kit Cars & Replicars

Kit Cars and Replicars are vehicles built from purchased packages. Only Kit Cars and Replicars assembled by the manufacturer of the kit or a reputable, experienced assembly shop are eligible. Credentials may be required at the underwriter's discretion.

Ineligible Vehicles

The following vehicles are ineligible for our Classic Collectors program: Vehicles with inoperable chassis or interiors Vehicles with chassis or interiors that are weathered, wrecked, and/or stripped Vehicles that are stripped or useful only for parts Vehicles on which prior damage has been done

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Recreational Vehicle Insurance
With a LNIS RV insurance policy, you’ll receive coverage, claims service, and 24/7 help from our RV insurance specialists. When you need to ask a question, make a change, or report a claim, we’re ready to help.

RV Insurance Has You Covered

LNIS RV insurance can protect your investment from top to bottom. With RV insurance, you can select many types of coverage, including Vacation Liability, Full Timer's, Emergency Expense and more. Your RV insurance policy can also protect your traveling companions and your valuables when you're on a trip.

With so many options to choose from, we provide you with information to help you choose the best coverage for your RV. Keep in mind that RV insurance covers several kinds of vehicles, such as motor homes—including Classes A, B, and C; motor coaches; and camper vans—as well as travel trailers, including campers, pop-ups, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. So if you’re searching for motor home insurance, travel trailers, camper insurance, camper van insurance, then an RV insurance policy is what you need.

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Boat Insurance
With LNIS specialized boat insurance coverage, you can relax knowing you have coverage for your boat or personal watercraft. Just like automobile insurance, we make boat insurance easy

Boat Insurance Features

A LNIS boat insurance policy comes with plenty of options for specialized coverage, such as Roadside Assistance, On-Water Towing, Total Loss Replacement, and more.

Get a Boat Insurance Quote and Much More

With so many boat insurance options, we provide you with information to help you choose the best coverage for your boat or personal watercraft. Boat insurance covers many kinds of boats, so even if you’re looking for specific coverage—like personal watercraft insurance, jet boat insurance, sailboat insurance, fishing boat insurance, or house boat insurance—a boat insurance policy is what you need.

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