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1. When you purchase a car through conventional methods, a few people get paid commissions: first the Salesman then Manager(s), Finance Manager, etc...and everyone is looking out for their own pocket right? When you hire us we work for YOU and we only charge a flat fee that is often paid by the factory NOT YOU!

2. No pressure to buy now, which simply means we are going to take time doing the research on this type of vehicle until we find the one that fits your budget, and even then you have the option to have us keep looking.

3. We will be present the whole process insuring that everything that is offered is delivered, even while you are signing the documents, reducing unnecessary buys like additional warranties or protection products.

4. Professional consultants that can answer every question with honesty and integrity without worrying about if they're only saying what you want to hear to make a sale.

5. You don't have to haggle (unless you want to) We negotiate on your behalf and often buy cars thousands below invoice!


The Car Negotiators specializes in both new and Pre-Owned vehicles and will help you locate the car of your dreams, down to the Make, Model and Color. Simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll perform an extensive search to find the car you want, the price you want and negotiate the deal for you.

When it comes to purchasing car, there are lots of questions and misinformation. It is important to know some advantages of seeking assistance from a professional.

Consumers lack of time, knowledge and patience to buy a car has sparked an interest in hiring a professional to do it for them. Like any business, it is important to do a little research on the agent, also known as a Car broker that specializes in this service before jumping into his arms, lured by promises of lower prices and promotions of all kinds.


The concept behind hiring a Car Broker is relatively simple: A Car Broker is a professional car buyer who knows the jargon used in the automotive environment, and this allows him to negotiate without problem the terms used for a purchase, this person knows how to manage options, prices, knows the interest rates, and/or additional options, but overall, a good agent will not go with the first impulse to strike a bargain with a dealership, they always look for the deal suits the customers’ budget. In other words what a Car Broker offers you is the confidence to be represented by someone who knows the business, the comfort of someone else negotiating for you and the safety of buying what you want at the price you want.
A genuine Car Broker works for the consumer, generally works in a small office with a minimum number of staff, offering advice in a personalized way. They enjoy the independence of a dealership, and at the same time know about the tricks used by them. That means you will have on your side an expert who knows the tricks of "magic" that many dealers want to use with you and the best is that he will use to them to your advantage. The result is that you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by hiring a professional to negotiate the purchase of your next car. Remember that more than money, you will also be saving time and headaches.

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Sylvana Fraga - Azusa, CA

When planning to buy a new car, we, the buyers, take the time to find out prices, compare dealers, brands, services, and ask our friends their opinions, etc.. etc. My situation however was completely different: One day I woke up to a regular day, which turned out to be NOT so regular. Later that day, at 2:30 PM I was involved in a car accident in which my beloved Camry was declared a "total loss." In a matter of of hours I found myself without a vehicle, and waiting for a refund check from the insurance company that was not enough to get a new car of my choice and taste. A few hours went by and my friend gave me The Car Negotiators phone number, I contacted them and within a few hours, inexplicably, I found myself driving a car much better than the one I had without even having to put a down payment. This experience was invaluable; from being very lost, confused and frustrated, to suddenly finding myself with impeccable service from a company that is dedicated only to help me unconditionally.The Car negotiators demonstrated professionalism, attention and constant kindness. They undertook the task of finding the car of my liking, while I conducted my regular daily activities. When they found the car that matched my taste and preferences, we went to the dealer and were with me every minute, ensuring that my signature was on the correct paperwork. Also ensured that no one took advantage of my lack of knowledge and experience in this kind of business. Constantly advised me on what would suit me or not. What a relief and security to have someone to guide me constantly! After purchasing my new car, as if his fine hospitality were not enough, my consultant went with me to return the rental car I had been driving. Thank you very much for having transformed a traumatic situation such as a car accident into a pleasant, convenient and satisfactory one. I have no doubt I'll be in touch with you and your firm for future acquisition of vehicles for the rest of my family. My deepest thanks and sincere respects to you and your company.
Chefi And Francisco Cuadras - Lawndale, CA.

My husband and I speak fluent english but not CAR BUYING english, so when we started looking for a new pick-up we decided to look for professional help and found The Car Negotiators Inc., we visited their Gardena branch and spoke to James who guided us through the whole process. First he pre-qualified us and made us feel at ease about our credit, second he shopped 10+ dealerships and waited for them to make US offers, WOW this is the first time I have seen it done like that, the dealerships were competing for our business, we actually had the upper hand in the negotiations, when he found the right price he gave us all the details right there in his office, Down Payment, Monthly Payments, Interest Rate and Term. We were impressed and agreed to all the terms, he went ahead and set an appointment so we could do the paperwork, James drove us to the dealership and guided us through the whole finance and Insurance process and explained everything in Spanish and English, advised us on the products they offered and discussed the different options we had. We took our truck home and loved every minute of this experience. We are extremely happy and WILL do business with The Car Negotiators from now on. Thank You.
King Taufaoo - Long Beach, CA.

The idea of shopping for my new car was exciting until I went to the various dealerships around the city, I did not realize how confusing buying a new car was, since I knew what I wanted and how much I wanted to pay I figured it would be really easy..........boy was I wrong, I test drove the last car only to be confronted with a salesperson that did not listen very well and a manager that insisted on making me pay for accessories and warranties I didn't’t want. To make a long story short, these dealerships all wanted too much for their cars and wanted to charge too much interest and have me pay for accessories I did not want. My co-worker told me about The Car Negotiators and I said what the heck, let’s give them a call, and I did, I called James on a Saturday and asked him if they could help me get my Charger, he said NO PROBLEM, and I said WOW!, I haven't heard that from a car guy before, so being a little skeptical I went to his office where he pre-qualified me and made me feel at ease about the deal, the next day on Sunday he found me the car for $3,000 less with interest rate 3% less than they had offered...oh did I mention it was the same dealership I was quoted before...Thanks Negotiators!
Walter Cerda - El Centro, CA.

I'm a Navy recruiter and my job requires that I spend a lot of time on the road, I switch cars very often and being a regular car buyer made think that there should be an easier way to buy a car than what I have been doing until now. I did a little research and found The Car Negotiators Inc. online and decided to ask and see if they could save me some time and specially some money on a brand new Infinity G series. A gentleman by the name of Robert assisted me and asked me a few questions about the different options that I needed on my new car, I mentioned Navigation, Bluetooth, Seat heaters and rear camera. He took the information and told me he would call me with more details later on that day. When I heard back from him he informed me that he had found that particular car in Tustin and went ahead and gave me a lease option and a purchase option...I must admit I was impressed, there was no pressure, no games, none of the usual "dealership" tactics, it was a straight quote. I told him I wanted to drive it and he said: Sure, I'll go ahead and set an appointment for you how's 10 am tomorrow? Wow! I went the next day and picked up my new car in less than 1 hour, This is the way to buy a car, I will buy through them next time.
Carlos Castro - Harbor City, CA

My wife and I always wanted to buy a Hummer and when we had the chance to buy one we found that dealerships want to abuse customers, they simply play with the numbers and even if you explain to them what you want they always tell you all cars come with certain accessories they can't take away. When I asked my friend if he knew someone that worked at the dealership he told me there was a company called The Car Negotiators he told me they had bilingual employees and they could mediate between us and the dealerships to get a good price. We decided to call and a girl named Maria answered the phone and addressed our questions regarding models, trims and specially pricing, she showed genuine interest in helping us, we decide to hire her and she told us she would call us in the next 24 hours. the next day she called us and told us she had found the color car we wanted with the options we wanted! and the best news was that she had found one approximately $8,000 below the window sticker! Our new Hummer was waiting to be picked up and we gladly wrote a check for the whole thing. We are loyal customers of The Car Negotiators from now on.
Maria Vila - Lawndale, CA

When the new 2008 Honda Accord came out I knew I had to buy it, I loved the new redesigned body and it was time to go and look at it. There was only one problem: I remembered the experience I had when I bought my last Honda (2001 Honda Civic), that dealership had some high pressure salespeople working there, the managers fit the typical profile, you know, fast talkers and when I signed paperwork the finance manager convinced me to buy a warranty that increased my monthly payment by $30 a month! I DID NOT want to go through that again! Instead I looked online for deals and came across this web site, my curiosity took me and I decided to call and see what this was about, hesitant yes, but open to hearing what they had to say. My consultant (James) explained to me that they were auto brokers that could find the car for less and offered to find me the car with no obligation, I said sure, why not. Later on he called me to tell me he had found my car for less than most dealers advertised it and that I could test drive it that same day! I went with him to the Honda dealer and bought it. His advice helped me save thousands. Thank You.
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